Latvia has many historical monuments of cultural and architectural heritage - the medieval fortress, castles, wonderful palaces, each with its own history and unique architecture. Holding a wedding ceremony in a castle will accentuate the solemnity of the event. There is big choice of architecture from Baroque style castle, modern villa or rustic place in the forest. We can organize all types of weddings in Riga including Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Сivil, Symbolic or other.

Beautiful castle in Mezotne is perfect for gorgeous wedding events. The Castle was built in 1795 in the style of high classicism on the right bank of the river Lielupe. Architecture is of Italian origin. In the interior you will find monumental paintings, sculptures and decorative artificial marble. The Castle has a park in the English style, one of the best landscaped parks in Latvia. In the building there is a hotel with 19th century furniture and interior design in the classical style.

Rundale Palace is one of the most significant architectural and historical monuments in Latvia. It is the most visited palaces in Latvia. In Rundale palace the inauguration of the President of Latvia is held. The palace was built by the Italian architect Rastrelli in 1740. The wedding ceremony takes place in the interior of the Rococo style, with gorgeous moldings, antique mirrors, stylish furniture or in a beautiful park on the palace grounds.

Homesteads Birini - spacious, full breath of antiquity, surrounded by a picturesque park and two lakes- was built in 1860 in neo-gothic style. It is a great place to hold a wedding ceremony. It creates a special atmosphere of summer holiday, when the tables are covered on the garden terrace overlooking the lake. Near the castle, in the gardener's house, friendly hotel, where you and your guests can enjoy the romantic surroundings.

Another beautiful place is manor Dikli the first mention of which is dated back to XV century. The modern building of the estate was built in 1896 in Neo-Baroque style. Castle Manor Dikli is one of the few estates in Vidzeme, which has a relatively large amount of the original interior decorations. Dikli offers accommodation in a four-star hotel, decorated with antique furniture from the late XIX - early XX centuries, with luxurious fireplaces and stoves, as well as stay at Eco SPA on the estate. Dikļi manor is perfect for a wedding ceremony in the magical atmosphere of the last century.

Manor Malpils magnificent architectural monument of the XVIII century classicism. The estate was renovated in 2008. The estate is has a luxury hotel, a large park in the Baroque style and ponds, on the banks of which it is possible to hold a beautiful wedding ceremony. For weddings Malpils estate offers 10 different rooms, which can accommodate up to 150 people, dancing Star Hall, the original cigar room with a large terrace, the restaurant hall, hunting room, a library and a winter garden. Send us an email or complete a form to discuss your dream wedding in a castle of Latvia.